William Lasater

Software Developer

React.js & Next.js

About Me

 Hello, My name is Will Lasater and I am a passionate self-motivated programmer. Programming has been a passion of mine ever since I was little. I was learning to write Java in middle school and now graduated college with a degree in computer science and couldn’t be happier.

  Having started programming early, I have lots of early experience in many coding disciplines that range from front and back-end development, real-time applications in C, and computer simulations. I’ve developed these skills independently as well as through college level courses.

  I am looking forward to putting my skills to use and building more experience in a career.


B.S. in Computer Science

Graduated from Sam Houston State University. Participated in ACM club meetings to build connections with other college programmers. Became a founding member & president of the KatatroniX robotics club- SHSU's very first robotics focused student organization.

College Classwork
Sophomore Level Courses
  • Comp Organiz & Machine Lang
  • Special Topics/Programming
  • Programming Fundamentals I & II
Junior Level Courses
  • Info Sys Design & Management
  • Computer Architecture
  • Data Base Management Systems
  • Data Structures and Algorithms
Senior Level Courses
  • Compiler Design & Construction
  • System Modeling and Simulation
  • Software Engineering
  • Advanced Language Concepts
  • Computer Operating Systems
  • Network Theory

This Website

 This website is developed using the latest in front and back-end technologies. I opted to build this website with Next.js to utilize the advanced back-end feature next.js brings and still have the benefits of developing in React.js for the front-end. Next.js has great features for static and dynamic website features which allows me to be more creative with what I can develop having no barriers.

 For server hosting, I have chosen Digital Ocean for it's high quality servers with great control and support. Utilizing Digital Ocean makes setting up web servers very simple and deploying to production quick. It also has many features to scale and expand my project into, making Digital Ocean a great choice for me.

Lines of Code

Compiler Project

 A semester long final project for my senior level Computer Compilers class. This project was a great exhibit of all the skills learned throughout my college career.
 The project required us to make a program for every phase of a computer compiler with that being, a lexical analyzer (Scanner), syntax analyzer, optimization, and code generation. With the end goal of creating our own unique coding language and generate machine code to run in the terminal.
 The project utilized table driven problem solving technique in order to make the code adaptive to changes and modulate the grammar rules separate from the code base. My compiler had to handle strings and integers, as well as include all IF, FOR, and WHILE statements, be able to print and input from the terminal, and handle all compare operators and mathematical operators.

Technologies used:
CSV Files
Lines of Code:

Book Library Project

 A final project for my Information System Design class. The project required me to create a book library lookup program utilizing any software we want. I chose Python, with Tkinter, to create an UI for displaying the data.
 The program had to be able to take in book information data, such as title, author, book ID, and store that data into a B-tree style file structure that we had learned in class. This structure allowed fast look up times and easily scalable system to store data.
 The program also had have all CRUD functions and to manager your own AVAIL list. This obviously not so necessary in some programming languages like JAVA, but for educational purpose help us understand data management.
 This project was a favorite of mine. Having to learn a new programming language Python and use it in making a localized application was a great challenge for me.

Technologies used:
B-tree File Struc
Lines of Code: